The election of the five most sunglasses 2015 Spring tide you!-cheap ray ban sunglasses

Posted:23 March, 2015

When you are considering what clothes to wear today, nice time, 2015's big sunglasses trend has swept the major T-Taiwan show. Accessories are an integral part of the modeling, they can enhance a sense of style to maximize the one garment. 2015 sunglasses varied fashions, especially those unique fashion, imaginative design styles, as well as our favorite classic popular models, can be an excellent way with a different face and style of dress. Oversized sunglasses money can you bear hangover cover all the way, the focus is to work either with sunglasses dress or casual dress code, are very tide. Oversized cheap ray ban sunglasses models have been to and fro appear in several quarters of the show floor.

Summer mess with sunglasses will damage the pupil-ray ban sunglasses sale

Posted:21 March, 2015

Summer mess with sunglasses pupil damage you heard "sunglasses syndrome" it? It really has, and often form a part of the young people who jump on the bandwagon.
After continuous wear sunglasses 1 to 2 weeks, will form the skin numb, retardation and other signs of consciousness between the eyes or both cheeks, nose breath when uncomfortable awareness, as suffering from a cold, some people still think that there is small insects crawling on the face, soreness and pupil. This is because they often wear that edge width, rack thick ray ban sunglasses sale and heavy weight had changed.

Sunglasses rejuvenated also need to verify that slept "seating arrangement."-ray ban wayfarer sunglasses

Posted:20 March, 2015

Spring has been to return to warm weather, outdoor running gradually increased sunlight to the human eye injury, has also increased, choose the right sunglasses, was clearly the purpose of their purchase, the case for UV protection, the following should be selected to eliminate 380nm UV, has identified safety performance, mirror-smooth bubble-free sunglasses.

To decorate the case, it is necessary to choose the color according to personal face style. Long face should choose a certain width of round or oval stereoscopic sunglasses, so reduce the face slender sense. Petite face should choose ray ban wayfarer sunglasses with lens-based or frameless thin frame.

Myopia sunglasses, new appearance Shanghai Exhibition-cheap ray bans

Posted:19 March, 2015

Shengdabaoluo exhibition in Shanghai this myopia sunglasses launch of the new series, the show has become a beautiful landscape. Whether summer or cold winter, haze or sky blue skies, ultraviolet everywhere. Eye protection sunglasses have become an essential weapon. But for people who myopia, eye protection and visual clarity want both ways, really troublesome. The emergence of myopia sunglasses cheap ray bans, to solve this problem.
It is understood that the new launch Shengdabaoluo myopia sunglasses are the following features:

Do not be fascinated by chaos eye sunglasses select more attention-ray ban sale

Posted:18 March, 2015

City Evening News as temperatures continue to rise, many people are beginning to realize Changchun, spring has really come. Factors that affected the northern region, with spring comes the wind and glare of the sun, but also to "sunglasses" has become a lot of people out of essential goods.

However, facing a huge difference, materials of varying sunglasses ray ban sale market, consumers will inevitably feel scratching their heads, "This really told me to buy what is good?"

Sunglasses, sunscreen mirror different names big difference