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Cedar Indian Double Top 2018

Base Model $5500.00


-Santos body (medium sized)
-Cedar double top with a Nomex core.
-Fretboard and string spacings are of standard dimensions (650 scale, 52mm nut, string spacings are 42mm at the nut and 58mm at the tie block)
-Gotoh Premium tuners
-French polish finish.

This is the first of my double top base models and I am very pleased. It is an extremely powerful and beautiful sounding instrument rivaling anything I've ever built.

Please inquire below. Thank you.


Santos Model 2017


Please inquire below. Thank you. 

Santos Hernandez model (traditional seven fans) Euro Spruce Soundboard, Indian Rosewood back and sides, Spanish Cedar neck, 650 scale/52 mm nut, Rubner tuners, French polish finish. This is an old-school, robust, and sweet sounding guitar. 

I've been building guitars for 25 years, and throughout my career I've been bothered by the nagging question of pricing. Back in the day, guitars made by the likes of Santos, Hauser and Fleta were usually priced somewhere in the mid range of today's market (their prices adjusted for inflation) and were within financial reach of most people. Today, if you want a top quality guitar you're usually looking at something priced close to five figures or more. It seems to me that a highly skilled luthier should be able to produce a guitar for the same relative amount of money as the great masters did in their day. So I have made it my goal for the past several years to do just that- build a basic, but beautiful guitar that is of extremely high quality, but that is at a price point that is more sane. This was not an easy task to have mastered, but I believe that I have done so. 

Introducing the Santos Model- all of the sound, none of the hype.