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Ross Gutmeier

A Baltimore native, Ross Gutmeier began his building career in 1993 after discovering a book about lutherie while he was learning to play classical guitar.  A compulsive researcher and perfectionist as a craftsman, Gutmeier taught himself both the art and the science of building guitars and has established himself as one of the premier builders on the global stage. 


Gutmeier’s career was first noticed as he mastered his work in double top guitars in the mid- to late 2000s.  During this time, Gutmeier began a deeper exploration into the physical and mechanics of the guitar, while also studying in depth the work of the old masters, including Antonio De Torres and Santos Hernandez.


Gutmeier prides himself of being able to explore both new trends in guitar building, while deepening his understanding of the building methods of the old masters.  Presently, Gutmeier has come to a design that he feels is the pinnacle of his career, which is primarily based on his study of Santos Hernandez.


Gutmeier lives in Baltimore with his family, and works in a private studio on his property






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